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2018-03-12 New storjshare-daemon release v5.3.1
2018-02-01 New core release v8.6.0
2017-12-25 New core release v8.5.0
2017-12-16 New version bash script (v.1.1.1)
2017-12-07 New storjshare-daemon release v5.3.0
2017-10-25 New core release v8.4.2
2017-10-25 New core release v8.4.1
2017-10-25 New core release v8.4.0
2017-10-25 New storjshare-daemon release v5.2.0
2017-10-18 New core release v8.3.1
2017-10-11 New core release v8.3.0
2017-10-11 New version bash script (v.1.1.0)
2017-10-10 New core release v8.2.1
2017-10-10 New version bash script (v.1.0.9)
2017-10-07 New version bash script (v.1.0.8)
2017-10-06 New core release v8.2.0
2017-09-29 Update health script & statistic's site
2017-09-29 Fix update v.1.0.7
2017-09-27 New storjshare-daemon,core & bridge release.
2017-09-21 New storjshare-daemon release.
2017-09-20 Payment was made to farmers
2017-09-08 Add Disqus on all pages
2017-09-07 Published a list of payments
2017-09-01 New storjshare-daemon release.
2017-09-01 Hotfix for Storj Share daemon v4.0.1

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